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The true Clash of Clans you will have many resources.You no longer need to think about how many gems, gold or elixir you need. Install directly from your Apple or Android device by visiting this page from your mobile! Everything is very simple and easy to use.Click the buttons below to download Clash Of Clans Hack.

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Depending on your Apple or Android device, click the button corresponding to your operating system to install the hack directly.

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Follow the instructions that appear on your phone. Within minutes, you will have Clash of Clans free gems.

Connect to your server

Follow the instructions in the file. Now, no more worries of not having more resources. Thank you for using our site.

Problems ? Contact Us!

You are not able to run our Clash of Clans hack? Send us a message and we will help you immediately or you can visit our blog.

Because our project is better ?

We are the best, and I'll prove it! We face because all our hacks work!

  • Legal and without cheating

    With our hack, you have almost unlimited gems. These are essential in order to continue the game successfully. Do not miss the opportunity to have unlimited gems and gold.

  • Hack features

    You will have unlimited gold with our hack. This is another resource that is needed to build strong village that is able to defend against stronger enemies. Gold is the most important thing a player needs to have. This can really buy all things, large and small goals.Our hacks are best as because they have performed as expected in recent months and now. Discover what players of Clash of Clans sought, was not an easy job, but we did.

  • Unlimited Gems

    Elixir accelerates all tasks within the game. Build houses, fortresses, walls to your village to be powerful! So you're always a step ahead compared to the enemy and screen holer. Clans in Clash of Clans are like families: with the elixir, you show your camp.

  • Strategy

    Our strategies to win in Clash of Clans are best to achieve excellent results with just a few steps. Our tutorials are the best combat perspective. With our tips, you can become more efficient by adopting the best strategy and the best way to defeat enemies.

  • Updates

    Almost daily, we update our site with new features and improvements. This is because we want to offer you the best knowledge on Clash of Clans that exist on the entire web. The truth is in our interest to deal with problems in Clash of Clans. The resolve lead us to look for new ways to exploit the resources and play most beautiful game for mobile phones that ever existed.

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The surprises do not end there.

Monthly Contest

Every month we hold a contest where you could win gems, custom t-shirts with the name of your clan, technological gadgets and more.

Exclusive Gifts

Our users are the best resource we have. To thank you we usually give you the hack.

Hey, we are the team

We are a group of four friends very passionate
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Here you can see the latest updates on our website.


November begins with a new update. It seems that the script does not add large amounts for gems and gold. The form has been updated with the values that are accepted.

Version 2.13


We test the new feature "shield". Find new bug that allows you to have the shield for a week. If you decide to attack other players, the shield will be removed.

Version 2.14


We test the new feature "shield". Find new bug that allows you to have the shield for a week. If you decide to attack other players, the shield will be removed.

Version 2.15

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